What exactly is the ATM Freedom University?

Great question!

Let's start from the beginning. 

The ATM Freedom University was founded by Thomas Berkley in the state of Ohio way back in 2018. It started as just a youtube hobby, as a then much younger Thomas was already managing a thriving 6-figure atm portfolio. However, there was a ton of of misinformation online about the industry, so Thomas decided to throw his hat in the ring and create a channel solely for educating new entrepreneurs and investors on the amazing benefits of running an atm business. He currently has over 140+ videos on his channel, a Facebook group with over 9k members, and a sponsorship through Kevin Harrington, former Shark of Shark Tank.

With all of his success mentoring other people on how to start an atm business themselves, Thomas now has an atm partnership program where his team does the majority of the work for you - from finding profitable locations to place atms, negotiating contracts with business owners on your behalf, installing the atm for you, and training you in person on how to use your new atm. The only thing that you as the investor have to do is maintain the machine every few weeks and monitor everything from an app on your phone. The process is seamless and over 1k people have gone through Thomas' program.

Interested in joining our free community where you can learn more about our process, get free training, and ask questions to our leadership team? Then join us right here and let's get you more acclimated to the ATM Freedom University!


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